What I had for dinner on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We left Reno in the early afternoon and drove over Donner Pass to Davis, to visit my old college roommate Phoebe. We had brought a chicken to Reno with us, hoping to cook it with my dad or with P. & J., but neither of those worked out, so we brought it to Phoebe’s house. After getting settled and walking the dogs, we went over to the Davis co-op to get veg and wine and whatever else. Dinner ended up being roast homegrown chicken with Phoebe’s rosemary and California lemon; cress salad with cilantro and orange and green garlic; sautéed swiss chard; and delicious bread and butter. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream with homemade strawberry fail jam syrup that I made.

It was lovely.

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