What I had for dinner on Thursday, May 24

Grilled Pacific (wild-caught) salmon.

Rice pilaf, made with our standard rice, the Koda Farms California-family-farm-grown heirloom varietal Kokuho Rose; minced shallot from Karyn at Red Dog Farm in Chimacum; organic peas from the freezer section at the grocery store (ours aren’t ready yet, but SOON, I hope!); asparagus from Eastern Washington that I got at the U-District Farmers’ Market; and the usual condiments and accessories, like organic olive oil, homemade apple cider vinegar, white pepper, salt, homegrown cayenne flakes, and homemade celery salt.

I caused the asparagus to be grilled (read: I prepped it with oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper, and then had G. grill it) before chopping and mixing with the rice and peas. Grilling asparagus is easy and highly recommended.

Not a particularly picturesque meal, but delicious.

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