What I had for dinner on Saturday, June 30

We have had dinner out the past two nights, plus lunch out today too, so there has been lots of meat and fat and salt etc. Delicious, but it gets tiring quickly.

Tonight I made a quick Bittman polenta with some homegrown tarragon, chives, and thyme, and added some of last year’s frozen sweet corn.

I also sautéed a couple of spring onions from Butler Green Farms, as well as a bunch of chopped garlic scapes from Laughing Crow — the curly parts only, though: this evening I also pickled three pints and two half-pints of scapes; I use the straight parts for pickling and then the curly tops get used fresh or chopped and frozen as pesto.

Then I added a whole bunch of homegrown shelling peas, and a handful of snap peas chopped up, and let it all sauté together a bit.

Polenta + green stuff + fried egg topped with a bit of parmesan = antidote to last night’s burger.

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