What I had for dinner on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We had a difficult-yet-good couples therapy appointment from 4:30-5:30. I suggested we walk around the block afterwards and then after that I thought maybe we should go on a small date. We ended up at the counter of Hitchcock again, where we each had a Hitchcock Martini (this month it’s gin, cardamom bitters, and some other awesome stuff in very small amounts) and we also each had one each of the two oysters w/garnish they had on the menu today — this part changes very frequently; often there are four oysters w/different garnishes.

The Blue Pool oyster with rhubarb mignonette was very tasty.

After that we each had one smallish plate — I had a sardine, fire-roasted and served with potato-dill salad with shallots and capers, and parsley (I think) oil, and a “pancetta chip” which was house-made pancetta bacon curled up into a lovely little flat chip shape.

G. had the pork belly and blue cheese terrine, which has been a hit for us at least thrice so far, and which is currently served with orange marmalade.

Then we came home for Proper Dinner and while G. put some rice in the ricecooker, I threw together some stuff: like last time, I combined LC cabbage, some carrot, and homegrown peas, plus this time I had some Butler Greens onion on hand. Then I added the chopped homemade homegrown green garlic kimchi and last night’s leftover cubed steak, plus a bunch of storebought condiments like garlic black bean paste, sesame oil, sriracha, and hoisin sauce.

Excellent cocktails and snacks + small amount stir fry over delicious rice. Good meal.

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