What I had for dinner on Monday, July 23, 2012

We have had three lovely evenings (and a lunch) of eating out with G’s dad and stepmom, who are visiting us and the PNW. For dinner, we had a chef’s tasting at Hitchcock on Friday, which was amazing as usual; a very pleasant sushi dinner at Shima Sushi on Saturday; and then back at Hitchcock again for small plates after a late lunch on Sunday.

They have gone up to the Olympic Peninsula for a couple of days to visit a place G’s dad spent several months many years ago, so we are back to normal, dinner-wise, and also craving some simplicity after the (admittedly AWESOME) long weekend of complex flavors.

I got a 4-ish pound homegrown chicken out of the freezer on Sunday morning and today G. had it roasting at 400º with salt and pepper and a butter baste when I got home. We went out to the garden and picked lettuce, radishes, and green onions for a salad, and a carrot to add to the homegrown garlic scapes and peas that were already brought inside.

I sautéed the carrot, scapes, and peas briefly, then tossed in a half-cup of dry farro to toast in the hot oil before I added water to cover (plus a stock cube). While it simmered, we had the lovely super-fresh salad of lettuce with radish and green onion. The farro cooked until the grains ready and the water was nearly gone (happily simultaneous, tonight; it isn’t always and sometimes I have to drain it), I carved up the chicken and we had the tasty grain salad/pilaf thing alongside the lovely, fatty, simple roast chicken.

All major ingredients homegrown except the farro!

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