What I had for dinner on Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last weekend my sister was here and we went out to dinner at Hitchcock with G. and my sister’s boyfriend R. I had a pork chop, which, at Hitchcock, actually equals two pork chops stuck together. It was amazing and delicious and I couldn’t finish it, so I brought my remaining pork chop nubbin home.

This weekend, G. and I have spent basically all weekend in the kitchen. Last week we got 120 lbs of tomatoes to can, and we got them slightly unripe on purpose, but they are starting to ripen. We had processed 40 lbs as of Friday night. Then yesterday (Saturday) we came home from our market rounds and general errands with a big ol’ 25+ lb turkey from our friends at Heyday Farm; at least 20 lbs of not-for-sale (reject) Laughing Crow onions; 3 lbs of blueberries, a dozen ears of corn, and a growler of beer.

It is the stocking-up time of the year!

We chopped up the turkey and vacuum packed it and put it in the freezer; we blanched and cut and froze the corn cobs; we made some blueberry vodka (put fruit in vodka. Shake). Today I chopped up six onions — because that’s as many as I could handle before I was crying uncontrollably — and put ‘em in the crockpot to reduce. I also food-milled the tomatoes from the jars that didn’t seal, and put them in a pan to reduce into a delicious thick tomato paste. We processed 20 lbs of tomatoes into jars.

Then we were so tired and G. got to feeling unwell and had to go to bed. I helped him to bed and then I turned on the grill and I grilled:

  • a zucchini, sliced, with olive oil and apple cider vinegar and homegrown paprika
  • a handful of Paulson Farm green beans, with olive oil and lemon juice and garlic and paprika
  • an ear of fresh-picked Bainbridge Island Farms sweet corn.

And I put the leftover pork chop from a week ago (which I had forgotten) into a pan with some olive oil, and it reheated nicely, though it seemed like more meat than I would reasonably eat at one meal, and I was kind of horrified to think that a week ago I was considering eating it to finish off the rest of a meal that I had already completed.

So: a zucchini, some beans, a corn, and a larger-than-is-really-reasonable pile of pork chop slices. Delicious, and also quick, unlike everything else I did this weekend.

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