More on pâté

We’ve been cleaning out the freezers in preparation for new pork in a couple of weeks, and also so that we can take advantage of the not-yet-pork pigs to feed them the freezer-burned three-year-old celery, giant bags full of chicken stock cubes, ancient pita bread, etc.

I have been loving having some pâté around for quick lunches, so as we were transferring stuff from the cooler back into the clean freezer, I grabbed a smallish bag of chicken livers.

The bag actually turned out to have a few hearts in it, too, so I looked online a bit and then decided to toss them in the pâté too. I cooked them separately from the shallot/garlic and livers, because they wanted to cook a bit longer. I deglazed the pan with the hearts in it, and let them simmer a bit in the deglazing liquid. After whizzing it all up in the FoPro, I couldn’t even tell the hearts were in there.

Made more pâté today

Old pâté, about to be consumed for lunch, and new pâté, destined for the fridge.

Pâté, chèvre, pickled garlic scapes, apple

Here’s lunch! I didn’t have enough pâté for a whole sandwich, so I put some homemade homegrown chèvre on the other half of the baguette. Then I forgot to take the picture until that half was almost gone.

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