Oh noes Max cat

Our poor little Max cat got a little smushed by a car on Thursday night. His pelvis is broken, which is not great.

Max cat loves me

The Friday morning vet said we were looking at $3500+ of surgery to realign and pin everything. Or, if we choose not to do surgery, but instead let it heal naturally, the vet implied a definite lifetime of arthritis and joint pain for poor Max.

But the second-opinion vet this morning said that broken pelvises totally can heal and cats can (but not necessarily *will*) live happily with little to no joint pain for years. She suggested 6-8 weeks of rest and we’ll re-evaluate his needs at that point.

From dealing with the various doctors at the clinic, we already liked her best, so we’re going with her assessment. Max cat is pretty pissed off in his crate right now, but he is getting pain meds so he’s high as a kite, but still purring when we pet him, so I’ll take it.

If he pulls through (which he still might not, realistically) he’ll be a housecat, not a mouser like he was supposed to be, but he is super sweet and cuddly so that’s OK with me.

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