What I had for dinner on November 1, 2013

A couple weeks ago we joined the CSA from Tahoma Farms, which is just down the street from our new house, and it’s already been great for our vegetable consumption, especially since I didn’t get a garden in at our new place for the winter.

We also have plenty of beef from a bad cow we had — she had to go to freezer camp, but we now have lots of ground beef and delicious tenderloins.

Anyway, we have had some starchy and/or meaty and/or rich meals lately (including a delicious dinner at Le Pichet last night), so tonight G. requested a pile of veg.

So based on our current CSA box, for dinner we had:

  • Delicata squash, sliced into rings about 1/2 inch thick (not skinned!) and tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika (or cumin, or whatever you’ve got), and baked at ~350º until tender;
  • One bunch Swiss chard, prepared as follows: stems removed, chopped, and sautéed in olive oil, then sliced garlic added, then chopped fresh hot pepper (because we are lucky to still have some on the plant) added, then finely chopped chard leaves added, with some water, and sautéed/steamed until delicious;
  • Two wee little tenderloins from a smallish Bad Cow, grilled.

We also have a turnip in this week’s CSA box, so advice is welcome.

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