Back in the kitchen

We just wrapped up selling our previous house, which was somewhat of an ordeal. We never listed it — the offer was unsolicited — so we didn’t ever go through the push to get it cleaned up and ready to sell. That push happened over the last couple of weeks; the sale closed on the 21st and then we rented the place back for a week to finish it up.

We spent 9 nights there total in the last two weeks, but the kitchen was all packed up pretty early in the process so we mostly relied on friends and restaurants for our meals.

I was so tired and stressed by the whole thing that I was afraid that once I got back to our more-or-less functional sort-of kitchen in the trailer, I’d be totally stalled on meals and cooking and eating.

But no! Thankfully not true! I worked from home today and all day I just thought of different things I could cook and/or eat. I’ll thaw a chicken! I’ll make some pork or chicken liver pâté! I’ll cure a pork jowl and make guanciale! I’ll bake an Anna Cake with rhubarb! Green onion pancakes! Gnocchi and creamed nettles from my favorite restaurant’s recipe! Crisps and cobblers! Homemade yogurt and/or granola! Luckily I have a single handle pulldown kitchen faucet to make clean up easy. … oh right, it’s 90º in here, AND I’m supposed to be doing day-job work.

I did, however, end up boiling a dozen eggs (which contributed to the heat, unfortunately, but will also help keep my crankiness in check when I have them as snacks); cooking up a breakfast-to-go of kale with a bit of bacon; reviving my water kefir grains; preparing our dinner of sausages, grilled radishes, and salad; making rhubarb ginger sauce for ice cream; and planning for Friday dinner with our neighbors at Four Elements Farm (pork chops with rhubarb bbq sauce? farro salad? rhubarb cake?).

Hooray for not being in a kitchen rut.

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