What I did and ate on May 28, 2016

Up by 8:30, early for a Saturday; did the chores, showered and washed my hair so we could roll out by 10:30 to do a meat delivery to the city. We stopped and visited the house; the drywall is going up. Made it to the city with plenty of time to drop meat off at our two Wallingford spots then meet Blythe at the U-District farmers’ market, where G and I had corn empanadas and I also had a goat, mayacoba bean, and pumpkin seed tamal with a side of grilled veggies. Delicious!

I noticed for Blythe a little elderberry bush in a pot, which she bought, and then G and I headed off towards our next meat drop in West Seattle. On the way we stopped at Letterpress Distilling to say hi, and we tagged along with a tour Skip was doing for some Groupon guests. I got to be front of house when another customer came in while Skip finished the tour.

After our West Seattle drop, which went smoothly, G drove us home and I napped, as I always do in the car.

Quesadillas and beans and rice and grilled asparagus with lime and smoked paprika for dinner.

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