What I learned on Friday, November 12, 2010

Today I learned that I had FOUR books on hold at the library! I thought I had just two, but the other two came in between the time I checked my account online this morning, and the time I got there this evening at 5:30.

Now I am reading Faithful Place, by Tana French. It [...]

tongue can get sharp

a list of mostly unrelated things.

i seem to have entered one of shannon’s peanut butter phases. i have never had peanut butter phases before – in fact, most of my food phases are brought on by finances, like the beans-and-rice phase or the ramen phase – but the other morning i was dreaming about peanut [...]

but i won’t even look

it’s winter again. it’s cold and blowy and grey and last night it smelled like winter. but it was clear the night of the eclipse, which was so neat.
i am indignant and offended because of two things:
my databases professor asked me in class (as an example for the discussion about browsers and servers and whatnot) [...]

i’m so tired, and i wish i was the moon tonight

if i can figure out all her wacky slang, i will be translating some comics for madame fa. i think her drawings are adorable.
lately my laptop has decided to refuse to recognize when it’s plugged in, so all it does is drain the battery forever and not recharge. right now it has only enough battery [...]