Don’t question why she needs to be so free

At the new house, there is a fence all the way around, but it is not a very reliable fence. We keep patching it in bits and pieces, because Ruby is an escape monster, and she finds new holes pretty regularly. This wasn’t too bad, for a while; she would just stand on the other [...]

Shining on the silhouette

Last night I went for a run with the dogsters and I could have sworn it was spring. Could have sworn it so much that we were both independently worrying about getting seedlings started. (G. and I, that is, worrying, not the dogsters. The dogs said YAY RUNNING ZOMG RUN RUN YAY RUN ZOMG, and [...]

I wished all wintertime

Today it was sunny and beautiful, which I found pleasant even though it also meant it was cold. Had a nice day of outside-ness: Pike Place Market in the morning to get bread for dinner tonight and all kinds of veggies for Girls’ Night In on Wednesday. Then came home and suited up the dogs [...]

Look for me in the sunbright sparrow

Just rescued two lost doggies, a big ol’ blue-eyed husky and a small black fluffy lab-lookin’ mutt. They were wet and dirty and kind of shy, but they liked treats, and fortunately we have two leashes on hand. Their women were out looking for them on foot, and should be very grateful that one of [...]

So be easy and free

So I caved and bought 2 years of Flickr pro account. It was mostly because I couldn’t have more than three sets, and I am a taxonomist and I want to collocate things. How can I collocate if I only have three sets? I need unlimited sets! So now I have it. And I put [...]

Pour éclairer tes yeux de rêve

Dogs are snoring, and so is G. I am up late (but not that late) because Ten Things I Hate About You is on, and because I had a cup of coffee at about 3:30, and because my Friday night bourbon is accompanying me. (Julia Stiles has amazing hair in this movie.) I have an [...]

I caught you returning to the house that caught fire

Things Ruby June likes to chew:

+ bones
+ ice cubes
+ rope toys
+ Oscar
+ stuffed animal dog toys
     – that squeak
- new grey Converse
- red rubber garden clogs
- duct tape that holds old recliners together
- pens that are full of black ink
- feet (also hands, elbows, etc.)

She has a crate now. And she’s going to obedience school.

(song: [...]

I look cute

After weeks of waiting, my dog finally came home today.

We went to meet her a few weeks ago based on a brief PetFinder ad that said she was smart and showed her in a kiddie pool nest with her twelve puppies suckling, staring at the camera with a “holy crap, get me out of this [...]

watchin’ it go till it’s goin’ somewhere

The new house makes a lot of funny noises. My new roommate went to Bellingham for a few days just after we moved in, and I freaked myself out while home alone, putting clothes away in the office/Lauren’s room before I figured out that specific spots on the floor creak like voices or ringing phones. [...]

just staring at the ceiling tiles

i should change the title to hairblog. apparently there is nothing else interesting in my life to talk about.
so, i have become a person with good hair days and bad hair days. i never understood this before. i do not enjoy my newfound understanding of this problem. the first time i washed it after i [...]