Watch out for Big Red (Day 10)

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Watch out for Big Red (Day 10), originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

What you see here is a chicken face, her beak in the front, comb in the middle, orange pissed-off eye towards the right of [...]


Updates to the farm blog about last weekend’s weather, chickens, ducks, seedlings, etc. Click on over there to read; too long to reproduce here.

Updates to this blog, just so stupid shoe angst isn’t at the top of the page anymore.

I work from home on Thursdays, which I probably don’t deserve but for which I negotiated [...]

Unexpected livestock

Cross-posted from our temporary farm blog.
(Not everything will be cross-posted; farm blog RSS is here. Eventually will move to a real domain, but we’ll let you know.)

Just yesterday, we were telling Garth’s mom what a relief it was that the chickens are old enough to require less work now. We have elevated their foods and [...]

We will arise from the bunkers

Today the chickens graduated from their 17-gallon galvanized washtub into the bottom half of a large dog crate. Now they have much more room in which to stand around all huddled together. They have been very busy growing new body parts, including combs on their heads, and shoulder feathers, and wing feathers, and, well, wings. [...]

Baby chicks are on the way!

Chickens came home on Friday morning, probably about a day old. Today, Sunday, they are probably about four days old, and they are fascinating to watch. Today their posture has changed — they are standing up straighter instead of huddling like little fluffballs; I can see that they have necks, now. This morning they were [...]