Cop-out picture of veggies in a basket (Day 9)

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Cop-out picture of veggies in a basket (Day 9), originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

I wanted to take pictures of people, which I haven’t tried yet and which I’m totally scared of, and that was my [...]


I got dropped off at the market today, fortuitously!
Co-workers were going downtown to see Iron Man (I was jealous but too busy to attend) and they pointed out at 5:45 that if they drove me to the ferry, they wouldn’t have to pay for the 15 minutes of parking they would owe if they instead [...]

Red clothes + green shoes = anguish.

Last night we had eventual-local-celebrity friends C. & T. over for dinner. They are vegetarian, and she is pregnant, so I appreciated the challenge of making something that did not include wine, sausage, bacon, bacon fat, or the frozen cubes of condensed beef/turkey/chicken stock that we make when we get bored and want to clean [...]

Farm chores are fun!

Today is the first day in a long time that I have been able to wake up, look around, and decide what I feel like doing. I have plenty of projects and chores and things that need to be done, of course, but I don’t have somewhere to be, and I don’t have a homework [...]

I don’t know any Basque songs, so pretend this is just a bunch of Xs and Ks.

Home sick yesterday and today, boo. The dogs like to have someone around, though, and it’s nice to catch up on sleep, lack of which probably contributed to the cold in the first places. Thank dirt for honey and ginger and lemon in hot water. And thank the Basques for my new super-easy favorite sick [...]

Look for me in the sunbright sparrow

Just rescued two lost doggies, a big ol’ blue-eyed husky and a small black fluffy lab-lookin’ mutt. They were wet and dirty and kind of shy, but they liked treats, and fortunately we have two leashes on hand. Their women were out looking for them on foot, and should be very grateful that one of [...]

So be easy and free

So I caved and bought 2 years of Flickr pro account. It was mostly because I couldn’t have more than three sets, and I am a taxonomist and I want to collocate things. How can I collocate if I only have three sets? I need unlimited sets! So now I have it. And I put [...]

I was thinking about the easy courage

Spring seems to have arrived in Seattle while we were in Reno last weekend, and it’s made me realize it’s almost a year since we moved into this house. It’s been sunny and warmish and gorgeous, with blooming tulips and lilacs and green growing things, and the light has been coming into the house at [...]

Half-crazy and mangy

My first birthday present (well, aside from the awesome boots that came from Reno) arrived at the house yesterday: a subscription to Pioneer Organics! I’m So Excited. Vegetables! It will come every two weeks. This week the box had lettuce, kale (to be white bean and kale soup), delicious-looking carrots with the tops still on, [...]

tongue can get sharp

a list of mostly unrelated things.

i seem to have entered one of shannon’s peanut butter phases. i have never had peanut butter phases before – in fact, most of my food phases are brought on by finances, like the beans-and-rice phase or the ramen phase – but the other morning i was dreaming about peanut [...]