Walking fava bean (Day 15)

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Walking fava bean (Day 15), originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

We planted a cover crop of fava beans and crimson clover in the old tomato bed a bit ago and the birds (including the chickens and [...]

We will arise from the bunkers

Today the chickens graduated from their 17-gallon galvanized washtub into the bottom half of a large dog crate. Now they have much more room in which to stand around all huddled together. They have been very busy growing new body parts, including combs on their heads, and shoulder feathers, and wing feathers, and, well, wings. [...]

She could make a cheese sandwich, but someone might ask her to dinner

So I think I’m going to combine Knitblog and Kitchenisms and this one all into one blog; I think having too many makes me scattered and less likely to write in any of them.
Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard to import the old entries; I might combine it with a redesign (to something with working [...]

Shining on the silhouette

Last night I went for a run with the dogsters and I could have sworn it was spring. Could have sworn it so much that we were both independently worrying about getting seedlings started. (G. and I, that is, worrying, not the dogsters. The dogs said YAY RUNNING ZOMG RUN RUN YAY RUN ZOMG, and [...]

So be easy and free

So I caved and bought 2 years of Flickr pro account. It was mostly because I couldn’t have more than three sets, and I am a taxonomist and I want to collocate things. How can I collocate if I only have three sets? I need unlimited sets! So now I have it. And I put [...]

Sunday’s on the phone to Monday

Recently G. rebuilt one of his old mountain bike frames into a cute little comfy bike for me to ride around the neighborhood. It has pink on it! And it is very fun. Last weekend we rode to the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair down the street from our house, where we bought hippie vegetables and [...]

Push myself up through the dirt

I’d post more often if I were the kind of person who did links posts.

I’m not.

BUT, this is a lovely article about tomatoes. I have some yellow pear tomatoes that are ripe, and have harvested two Brandywines and have one about to turn red, but my two unidentified plants (one said it was yellow pears [...]

And I could shake this static

Several weeks ago I started keeping a real journal. On paper and everything! My archivist brain was sad about not having anywhere to put my artifacts, like museum ticket stubs and receipts from delicious dinner. So I bought the large version of my favorite Moleskine, with nice big pages between which to store artifacts, and [...]

You plant your seeds and you let ‘em grow

Two weeks ago, I made G. drive me out to Molbak’s, of which I had only heard legends and rumors, and I found them all to be true: it is a Wonderful Place. Fortunately, I had spent all my evenings over the last week or so pulling up weeds in the raised bed in our [...]

I was thinking about the easy courage

Spring seems to have arrived in Seattle while we were in Reno last weekend, and it’s made me realize it’s almost a year since we moved into this house. It’s been sunny and warmish and gorgeous, with blooming tulips and lilacs and green growing things, and the light has been coming into the house at [...]