in the middle of a cloud

i wanted to post on thursday but i didn’t have time, and now i’ve forgotten all the things i wanted to say about what a lovely day it was, and how everything was happy.

i am, of late, obsessed with gardening. i had a really fun class at the experimental college today about kitchen herb gardens [...]

but the bread’s too stale

today it is warm! it gave me a headache but after i got better i realized it was the perfect day for drilling holes in garbage cans (compost pile!) and learning to belly dance.

(song: “ice cube,” clem snide)

close to nothing at all

i finally successfully fed my venus flytrap. when i got home from the requisite amaretto sours ($3 on tuesdays!) at kai’s, i had bugs stuck to my shirt for some reason. i carefully fed them to the plant, who does not have a name yet, though i am taking suggestions. (sho‘s is named luigi but [...]