just staring at the ceiling tiles

i should change the title to hairblog. apparently there is nothing else interesting in my life to talk about.
so, i have become a person with good hair days and bad hair days. i never understood this before. i do not enjoy my newfound understanding of this problem. the first time i washed it after i [...]

it’s hard to make the good things last

yesterday i was going to post about how nice it is of seattle to ease my transition into my new identity as short-haired almost-curly person with warm springy weather, but today (the day i finally left my coat at home and wore flip-flops instead of clogs) it is grey and spattery.
i love grey and spattery, [...]

the place with the most allure

this is what the back of my head looked like on friday morning:

this is what the front of my head looked like on friday morning:

my favorite pictures of myself are ones where i am looking at the ground, or my feet, or my food.

and this!
even though this picture was taken today, this is a mostly [...]