Stuff I learned and ate this week

On Saturday we did the farm‘s first CSA delivery of pork and chicken to Seattle and Bainbridge Island. We spent the night on the island and had some happy hour snacks at Hitchcock, then we went back to the house and cooked up some frozen Beecher’s mac & smoked cheese.

On Saturday I was reminded [...]

What I learned on Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today I learned that pho restaurants can package your pho for takeout, with all the various things in different compartments, and even with little packets of hoisin and sriracha.

Actually I learned this in theory last Tuesday when I had lunch (pho, but we ate in) with friend Amy. I mentioned that I was sad [...]

What I learned on Sunday, January 22

I learned the phrase mutatis mutandis from friend Heath, who is newly back in the States and therefore much more likely to be available for chatting.

What I learned on Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today I went to work for a half-day over chez our farming mentor. (English has no good word for “chez.” It means approximately “at ____’s place” and it is pretty handy.) I have reduced my hours to part-time for the summer, which is really pretty much awesome. It is giving me more time to keep [...]