George Tsutakawa sculpture in front of Seattle Public Library’s Central branch (Day 21)

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George Tsutakawa sculpture in front of Seattle Public Library’s Central branch (Day 21), originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

Coincidentally, after the museum exhibit yesterday, I was at SPL today to pick up several holds. As I [...]


I probably should spell it “re-embootened” but I love spelling & grammar pedantry so much.

I finally went in to the doctor on Thursday for the fantastic sprawling injury of 4 weeks ago, and all I had to say was, “I was running for the bus in THOSE shoes [pointing to her Dansko clogs] and then [...]

Ain’t got no carburetor, ain’t gonna wait ’til later

I love LibraryThing. I have got a big ol’ library! I haven’t hit the limits of the free account yet, but I expect I will eventually — I definitely will if I catalog everything — so I might just go ahead and get the lifetime membership now. Go play with it! It’s fun!

I have just [...]

you can never tell

i am in the catalog.
i am in the catalog!!!
i am in the catalog.

(i am, geekily, really very excited about this.)

(song: act naturally, the beatles)

as she tumbled down

i went to the new spl last week. sho took pictures; i’ll post them or link when/if they are up. i really liked some parts (so much light; the book spiral makes me think interesting things about classification; even the hard plastic chairs are comfortable, and the foam ones are super cushy though they look [...]

it just gets hard to believe

i finally understand how milton feels. my stapler at work disappeared the other day. it’s possible that i have hidden it from myself under something on my desk, but i haven’t found it yet. i didn’t know i was attached to that stapler until i was given a replacement made out of plastic. now i [...]