Busy weekend! Happy 2013

An eventful weekend!!

Friday night we went with friends A. & R. and baby O. to free first Friday at the Bellevue Art Museum. Beforehand we went to the apparently famous Din Tai Fung for DUMPLINGS. Oh my goodness it was delicious. Highly recommended.

Then we moseyed down to the art museum, trying to keep our [...]

Up too late

… so I am reading and sharing ILU-486, a heartbreaking, scarily potentially-realistic, Handmaid’s Tale-like dystopian fiction about a world that exists after the passing of some current and real (i.e. non-fictional) legislation that might have a very, very significant effect on reproductive rights and health, which is to say, basic women’s health care. Every part [...]

What I learned on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and listening to the news on KUOW, our local NPR affiliate. G. went out to get firewood and when he came back in I was sobbing in the middle of the kitchen.

I had known that the Washington State Senate had the 25 votes it needed to squeak [...]

What I had for dinner on Thursday, December 29, 2011

This evening I texted G., as I usually do, to say “At terminal, will be on the 620 boat.” He promptly called me back, which raised red flags instantly — he does not like to make phone calls — though I was pleased to note he sounded fairly calm when I picked up. “I scratched [...]

What I learned on Saturday, December 17, 2011

I have been getting some complaints (hi lagomorpho) about the lack of pictures in my posts. I will endeavor to fix that in cases where I am not just eating piles of neutrally-colored mush in a bowl (which is unfortunately often).

I have been abstaining from shampoo for several days now. G. didn’t notice and [...]

Revisiting "Oscar's best impression of a Dumb Dog (which he is not)" ca. summer 2007

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Oscar’s best impression of a Dumb Dog (which he is not), originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

I was crying for lack of Oscar, and then as I was browsing photos this made me laugh really hard, [...]


So, I never said on this blog about Oscar.

I mentioned that he had a scary episode that resolved itself. After that he started eating again mostly, but it was just a few — maybe six? weeks — before we noticed his appetite was declining and he was losing weight pretty severely. I blogged about [...]


I vandalized today!! I was leaving the grocery store and on the bulletin board outside, there was an ad for some kind of weight-loss-shake-thing that is also purported to save you money on groceries, presumably because you (where you = the mama, according to the pictures) are not eating anymore? It had some before and [...]

What I learned on Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today I learned where the Great Blue Herons nest on campus! The pics are kind of crappy because it turns out to be hard to take pictures of a bunch of dark blobs in a dark tree against a grey sky.

Each of those dark patches is a Great Blue Heron nest.

There were at least [...]

On government

When I was a sophomore in high school, a friend went on exchange to Finland, and I was like, huh, that might be fun. My mom encouraged me to apply, which is weird because she would flip out if I asked to go the next town over to go to a movie. Her boss was [...]