Oh, the decisions

In a couple of weeks I will be traveling to Washington DC for my sister’s college graduation (hooray!). Last time I went was to help her move there, and I was there for like 36 hours and slept on the floor of her dorm room. This time I’ll be traveling alone there and back, staying [...]

Trapped on the couch

Ruby’s head is on my leg and I daren’t move her because I am afraid to disturb her wounds. She tangled with either a raccoon or some sort of farm equipment at 3 o’clock this morning. We had all gotten up to check on some noises we all heard, and found three of our five [...]

At the going-out-of-business fancy-lady clothes store

“Hi, welcome, where are you visiting from? Oh wow, Colorado. It must be tourist season. You know, there’s a lot of history on Bainbridge Island; I don’t know why they don’t publicize it more. The ferry you rode on was featured in Gray’s Anatomy! And the Professor from Gilligan’s Island retired here! And Elizabeth Mitchell, [...]

We are the challengers of the unknown

If I could write, this is what I would write about: A sunny morning with the mountain out and Seattle misty and shining across the water; Neko Case challenging the unknown in my ears; a gull swooping and riding the wind in front of the boat.

(song: “Challengers,” The New Pornographers [listen!])

Don’t question why she needs to be so free

At the new house, there is a fence all the way around, but it is not a very reliable fence. We keep patching it in bits and pieces, because Ruby is an escape monster, and she finds new holes pretty regularly. This wasn’t too bad, for a while; she would just stand on the other [...]

Our arms filled with miracles

The first night in the new house, we drank a bottle of wine I received the day before, my last day at my old job, and then a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau. Old job/new job, old house/new house, old wine/new wine; the changing of the season came a bit early for me, I guess.

I have [...]

In the service of the Queen

Ruby and I ran a block on our walk tonight, in work clothes and trench coat and un-ponytailed flying hair, just for the joy of spring. Tomorrow I will be requesting the day off because my daffodils announce that they will be blooming in the morning and I would like to be with them on [...]

Kill the stars, shreds and shards

Weekend of great yuppiedom: Took a small vacation out to Vashon Island this weekend. G. didn’t know where we were going until we started following the signs to the Vashon ferry, as I had planned everything, which really just involved getting us a little cottage and printing out the directions to the lighthouse, and remembering [...]

Shining on the silhouette

Last night I went for a run with the dogsters and I could have sworn it was spring. Could have sworn it so much that we were both independently worrying about getting seedlings started. (G. and I, that is, worrying, not the dogsters. The dogs said YAY RUNNING ZOMG RUN RUN YAY RUN ZOMG, and [...]

I wished all wintertime

Today it was sunny and beautiful, which I found pleasant even though it also meant it was cold. Had a nice day of outside-ness: Pike Place Market in the morning to get bread for dinner tonight and all kinds of veggies for Girls’ Night In on Wednesday. Then came home and suited up the dogs [...]