Drink it by the pitcher and not by the glass

I have just turned in my last paper of the summer — well, my last real paper — almost twenty minutes early! Woo!
I have also: been in Shelby’s wedding (cried); got in more arguments with my mother, who is not so good at rationality sometimes (did not cry); cried about a puppy I fell in [...]

I’m in the same place that you left me

O, the writers’ block! truly it will be the death of me!

Yea verily!

There’s a paper due at midnight — well, at 11:59pm. I emailed the last one in at 11:54 and was proud of myself for being early. I don’t know if this one will make it by the witching hour, though. If I knew [...]

Maybe you should plug it with a beer

Oh, also:

Figure out WTF is going on with comments (Priority!)
Make archives work
Make categories work (why don’t they display over there in the sidebar?)
Write something on the about page!
Import old Laurenisms & Knitblog entries
Figure out how to import Kitchenisms

… etc.

Until I can get comments going, I’d appreciate emailed feedback about the new site, if you’ve got [...]

Snaking its way through the memory of

I don’t know why it always surprises me that I am most likely to run into folks I know when I’m at the library on campus …
I’ve been sad because of a lack of being on campus and randomly running into people — it’s weird that I got so used to being able to do [...]

of late, i’ve had some thought

FINISHED, half-assedly: XML and JavaScript.

FINISHED, about three-quarters-assedly: PHP and MySQL.

ATTENDED: Spring Fling, complete with hay bales, face painting, and bluegrass music. And beer, but not enough.

FINALLY DRAGGED SHAN TO: Christy McWilson show

TO DRESS FOR: Heath‘s fancy party tonight, of which I can only stay for an hour.

TO START I mean FINISH because of course I’ve [...]

i guess i will, every day

this spring break, i have learned that i am not good at being bored. waking up with nothing to accomplish in a day makes me cranky. i need a goal of some sort, either something that must be done by the end of the day or someplace to be at a certain time. finishing books [...]