On projects

Yesterday I tried to upgrade my WordPress installation, but something went awry with it and I ended up very briefly with a fresh WordPress install, complete with the “Hello, world!” post, and insta-comment-spam-in-Russian that apparently comes with any new WP install. Anyway, crisis averted when I realized my host, DreamHost, backs everything up to [...]

The rules of NaPhoPoMo

… if this keeps up I am going to be eating Vietnamese food like every day this month. Every time I type it I’m like, mmm, pho! I love pho.

Anyway, I made up* NaPhoPoMo and I am also going to make up the rules!

Take a postable photo every day.
Try to post it that [...]


Check it out, I have working comments now!!

(I just hope my RSS feed is still the same address …)


I am thinking I will do a photo a day for the month, at least. The challenge will be to find subjects other than food, chickens, and dogs.

I am also going to try to migrate this way-old WP install to a fresh new install on a fresh new server with a different host, so if [...]

Entertaining search logs of February 2008

So I started this post a while ago, intending to post it on a slow day when I didn’t have anything to talk about:

One sad thing about not posting very often for, like, two years: my search word reports, listing the search terms that folks were looking for when they got to my site, are [...]

And I could shake this static

Several weeks ago I started keeping a real journal. On paper and everything! My archivist brain was sad about not having anywhere to put my artifacts, like museum ticket stubs and receipts from delicious dinner. So I bought the large version of my favorite Moleskine, with nice big pages between which to store artifacts, and [...]

Got enough fuel to reach the moon

A work friend has a WordPress blog with functional comment code, so I got him to send me the code and someday soon I hope I’ll get a chance to try to plug it in here and see if I can make it work. I’m giving up on the comment popup and just aiming for [...]

Or maybe there’s a lot

I got Knitblog up today. Comments over there work, sort of, so I am going to see if I can figure out what’s right over there that’s wrong over here. In the meantime, there is discussion of a cabled hat, with cute pictures. Aww.

(song: “Firefly,” The Plains)

I’ve had visions I’ve had dreams

From my search query report on my monthly domain statistics, a list for you of things that people have searched for and then ended up at my site:

feel me up (3 people searched for this and found me!)
wel shonion (2 people!)
fuzzy socks
sing on key
wedding flipflops
joe janes married
ransom miller
lauren @ 9:08 pm
list of ironies
myself open
rock&roll [...]

Just never knew that I would

I am having a fight with this blog right now because I cannot figure out what to do to make comments work. I am sure that it’s something very small, and I think it has to do with passing parameters, but I can’t find exactly what it is. It’s making me very frustrated and cranky [...]