You always play the madman poets

I? Totally love WordPress. Importing goes like this: export as a .txt; plug the path to the .txt file into a PHP file; click “OK!” And there it is!
Except for the part where now I have to change them all from “uncategorized” to whatever category they belong in, and also change them to the correct [...]

Maybe you should plug it with a beer

Oh, also:

Figure out WTF is going on with comments (Priority!)
Make archives work
Make categories work (why don’t they display over there in the sidebar?)
Write something on the about page!
Import old Laurenisms & Knitblog entries
Figure out how to import Kitchenisms

… etc.

Until I can get comments going, I’d appreciate emailed feedback about the new site, if you’ve got [...]

what do you know, it felt good

i observed may day eve with only half as much debauchery as it deserves; there was drinking and loud music and dancing (well, head-bobbing) but no sex in the fields and no fires. which is best, considering.
i ended up selling out bobby‘s tshirts, except the one small men’s that was left, which he gave me [...]

this is the room one afternoon

when i was a kid i wanted to grow up to be an artist. i made my parents get me watercolors and palettes and pastels and nice paper; i dressed up as an artist for future career day during spirit week in 8th grade. i don’t even know what that means — i think i [...]

i wandered empty streets down

i don’t know if i ever properly thanked shelby for the name laurenisms. it has been a useful construction and has allowed me to not have to think very hard about what to name new things – like, which shall be my new cooking blog. yay, cooking!
this weekend’s success: tomato soup. but [...]