Videos to watch

Here is one that is timely because the Supreme Court should go on ahead and not be jerks, and make things right. Thanks Macklemore.

Here is one I like to watch because it is about my city, and my bus system. I am pretty sure that I’ve posted The Blue Scholars‘ excellent song “Joe Metro” [...]

What I learned on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and listening to the news on KUOW, our local NPR affiliate. G. went out to get firewood and when he came back in I was sobbing in the middle of the kitchen.

I had known that the Washington State Senate had the 25 votes it needed to squeak [...]

What I had for Solstice dinner, Thursday, December 22, 2011

For Solstice we like to hunker down and stay warm all day and celebrate that life is returning to the world, and appreciate our tiny role in the life of the growing things. Usually we eat pretty close to home — where, for us, “close to home” means “from the backyard.”

Today we had a [...]

Oscar has a scary

Oscar, the best dog ever, had an unexpected and undesirable vet visit this morning. G. texted me just as I was getting out of the bus tunnel with “Oscar is sick we are at the vet.” I immediately started freaking out and he called a few seconds later to say Oscar had been curled up [...]


Yesterday I wore sandals to walk to town to meet Bill for lunch. And today I wore a skirt! AND sandals! to work in the yard and have dinner with library school friend Genevieve. Skirt + sandals = spring! Welcome back; I missed you.

Kureyon stripe!

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Kureyon stripe!, originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

I am totally obsessed with this scarf and so I picked up some Noro Kureyon today. It calls for Silk Garden but it was enough cheaper for the Kureyon [...]

Boaternets fail

The internets on the ferry (boaternets, as I often call them) have been difficult lately. The ferry system appears to have switched service providers, which is fine as I wasn’t that attached to the one they had, but is also frustrating, as I had already pre-paid for the month with the OLD vendor (who now [...]

I don’t know any Basque songs, so pretend this is just a bunch of Xs and Ks.

Home sick yesterday and today, boo. The dogs like to have someone around, though, and it’s nice to catch up on sleep, lack of which probably contributed to the cold in the first places. Thank dirt for honey and ginger and lemon in hot water. And thank the Basques for my new super-easy favorite sick [...]

In the service of the Queen

Ruby and I ran a block on our walk tonight, in work clothes and trench coat and un-ponytailed flying hair, just for the joy of spring. Tomorrow I will be requesting the day off because my daffodils announce that they will be blooming in the morning and I would like to be with them on [...]

Shining on the silhouette

Last night I went for a run with the dogsters and I could have sworn it was spring. Could have sworn it so much that we were both independently worrying about getting seedlings started. (G. and I, that is, worrying, not the dogsters. The dogs said YAY RUNNING ZOMG RUN RUN YAY RUN ZOMG, and [...]