Boaternets fail

The internets on the ferry (boaternets, as I often call them) have been difficult lately. The ferry system appears to have switched service providers, which is fine as I wasn’t that attached to the one they had, but is also frustrating, as I had already pre-paid for the month with the OLD vendor (who now [...]

Just never knew that I would

I am having a fight with this blog right now because I cannot figure out what to do to make comments work. I am sure that it’s something very small, and I think it has to do with passing parameters, but I can’t find exactly what it is. It’s making me very frustrated and cranky [...]

Got a message in my head

I am irritable today because it is too hot and it is making my head hurt. Also I can’t make the CSS play nice on a project I’m working on. And the e-Reserves are down so I can’t get to the readings I need to do for Monday. Also I’m hungry but I have to [...]

I’m in the same place that you left me

O, the writers’ block! truly it will be the death of me!

Yea verily!

There’s a paper due at midnight — well, at 11:59pm. I emailed the last one in at 11:54 and was proud of myself for being early. I don’t know if this one will make it by the witching hour, though. If I knew [...]

Test post 2

I am working on making it display the metadata I want.

Soon I will import from MT. (Thanks Bill!)

everything i thought i did right

this morning i am cranky. i suppose i need to have more coffee and some food. but there were no leftovers to bring for lunch and last time i ate on campus when i was grumpy, i ended up with one of those korean ramen-in-a-bowl, just-add-water things. soup is my default when i am cross, [...]

this is the room one afternoon

when i was a kid i wanted to grow up to be an artist. i made my parents get me watercolors and palettes and pastels and nice paper; i dressed up as an artist for future career day during spirit week in 8th grade. i don’t even know what that means — i think i [...]

a long list of ironies

it’s not that i hate the fat – it’s the feministness that hates (SO FUCKING MUCH) the thought that i would be a better person if i weren’t.

(song: “meaulnes,” the palace brothers)

and it symbolizes something although you don’t know what it is

maybe the reason i’ve been in a bad mood lately is that i haven’t been listening to enough old 97s.

(song: “indefinitely,” old 97s)

i guess i will, every day

this spring break, i have learned that i am not good at being bored. waking up with nothing to accomplish in a day makes me cranky. i need a goal of some sort, either something that must be done by the end of the day or someplace to be at a certain time. finishing books [...]