red wine is fast at the lip of your glass, and i’m gonna ruin …

i get to build a controlled vocabulary about fashion design. it’s very exciting. no, really. it is.
snow day was good but monday was stupid again.

(song: “outro (with bees),” neko case. sorry for using the same song twice. it is just the right song to use right now.)

something in a shade of grey

it is a hot chocolate and august & everything after sort of day. i wish i could be home on the couch in pajamas watching the food network but alas, i am stuck on campus for work and class until 7:30.

i like to watch people on the bus and see what they are reading or [...]

when you broke my heart

i have little to say.
i thought i was going to be ok – i am not surprised, this is the outcome i expected, and last time i worked so hard and put so much emotional energy into the whole thing that it was obvious that i would be devastated then. but today i am more [...]

in the day, i am dreaming

i have always hated the idea of ‘retail therapy’ – i think it encourages women to self-medicate with consumerism. every time, though, i go buy new clothes or yarn or something. maybe it’s that it gives me something else to think about; maybe i’m just doing it right now because i suddenly can. in any [...]

she looks composed, so she is, i suppose

life has become busy yet left me with nothing interesting to talk about. every day i think about posting, but can never come up with the right combination of creativity, energy, and time. right now, however, i am putting off going for a run; if i sit at the computer long enough it will get [...]

i’m so tired, and i wish i was the moon tonight

if i can figure out all her wacky slang, i will be translating some comics for madame fa. i think her drawings are adorable.
lately my laptop has decided to refuse to recognize when it’s plugged in, so all it does is drain the battery forever and not recharge. right now it has only enough battery [...]

everything sticks like a broken record

i am more disturbed than i expected to be by the announcement that the infamous aikido brian ex-boyfriend (pictured here drinking a white russian out of a jar at arlie & robin’s, and not to be confused with roommate bryon) is moving back to eugene. i was already pretty sure this town was too small [...]

words dry up and fly away

i just got in a random bad mood, but have been planning to post for days, so i will break the no-posting-when-grumpy rule for today, because there is much news to share!
that’s a joke.
eugene never changes. shelby is a little farther away, and so is andi, but other than that, pretty much everyone that was [...]

too aware of the pending

oh, now i remember why i was hesitant at first to live with my mom next year. it’s because after about three hours i wanted to walk in front of a bus. she whacked my leg, and i asked why she had done that, and she told me to rephrase the question because i was [...]

she will never be out of her misery

it is one of those days/weeks/months where i am acutely aware of everything that is wrong with me. it mostly all comes down to the same few things. insecure, basing ideas of self on others’ assumed perceptions, which assumptions are of course skewed by own wacky ideas of self, blah blah. but considering that there [...]