What I learned on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and listening to the news on KUOW, our local NPR affiliate. G. went out to get firewood and when he came back in I was sobbing in the middle of the kitchen.

I had known that the Washington State Senate had the 25 votes it needed to squeak [...]

What I had for Solstice dinner, Thursday, December 22, 2011

For Solstice we like to hunker down and stay warm all day and celebrate that life is returning to the world, and appreciate our tiny role in the life of the growing things. Usually we eat pretty close to home — where, for us, “close to home” means “from the backyard.”

Today we had a [...]


Yesterday I wore sandals to walk to town to meet Bill for lunch. And today I wore a skirt! AND sandals! to work in the yard and have dinner with library school friend Genevieve. Skirt + sandals = spring! Welcome back; I missed you.

In the service of the Queen

Ruby and I ran a block on our walk tonight, in work clothes and trench coat and un-ponytailed flying hair, just for the joy of spring. Tomorrow I will be requesting the day off because my daffodils announce that they will be blooming in the morning and I would like to be with them on [...]

Shining on the silhouette

Last night I went for a run with the dogsters and I could have sworn it was spring. Could have sworn it so much that we were both independently worrying about getting seedlings started. (G. and I, that is, worrying, not the dogsters. The dogs said YAY RUNNING ZOMG RUN RUN YAY RUN ZOMG, and [...]

Burlap dress a-clingin’

Home! Home has dogs in it, and also Firefox (a pox on you, internet cafes!) and my lovely comfy bed. Spain, on the other hand, has removeable adjustable showerheads and bidets (everywhere we stayed, both apartments and hotels!). Home has shiny new silverware that came in the mail, and a new vacuum, and I feel [...]

You plant your seeds and you let ‘em grow

Two weeks ago, I made G. drive me out to Molbak’s, of which I had only heard legends and rumors, and I found them all to be true: it is a Wonderful Place. Fortunately, I had spent all my evenings over the last week or so pulling up weeds in the raised bed in our [...]

I was thinking about the easy courage

Spring seems to have arrived in Seattle while we were in Reno last weekend, and it’s made me realize it’s almost a year since we moved into this house. It’s been sunny and warmish and gorgeous, with blooming tulips and lilacs and green growing things, and the light has been coming into the house at [...]

Ten miles above the limit, and with no seatbelt

I didn’t have a chance to get new shoes this time because everything happened so quickly. I applied last Wednesday for a job that was posted the day before; I had a phone interview last Thursday and in-person interviews on Tuesday, and yesterday I was offered the job despite the lack of new Target shoes. [...]

Snaking its way through the memory of

I don’t know why it always surprises me that I am most likely to run into folks I know when I’m at the library on campus …
I’ve been sad because of a lack of being on campus and randomly running into people — it’s weird that I got so used to being able to do [...]