Test post 3, or something

It mostly looks like I want it to, but the links (permalink, categories, comments, archives) don’t go anywhere yet. Should be done by the end of the weekend, except I have to go to Tacoma to perform my mother’s wedding at a baseball game, and then I have to readreadread my Harry Potter!
But! I am [...]

past the house lines and the apartment buildings

now i have keys for three houses!
the new house is awesome every time i go look at it, which is good; sometimes when you’re househunting things look great but then when you go back to sign the lease, the kitchen is actually tiny and the carpet is gross. but this house actually gets better every [...]

you don’t even have to sing on key

my mornings are good: i am waking up more easily; i have my coffee and walk to the bus stop past pink cherry blossoms and white dogwood blossoms and bright bright red rhododendrons. today a creaky old man with a squeaky old wheelbarrow walked past the bus stop, squeak squeak creak creak, and we all [...]

i’m going down to the station

so the interview turned to be not so much an interview but more like a test to make sure i wasn’t a stupid person, because they’ve been planning on hiring me since they had two applicants for two positions.
turns out i’m not stupid and now i have a summer internship in the field i want [...]

so high you can’t see over

i was going to post last night but the internets were broken – o horror! – so i couldn’t. it’s ok though because now instead of two posts in one day, i get to have two days in a row of posting! good for me.

i think i should buy shoes at target more often, because [...]

but the bread’s too stale

today it is warm! it gave me a headache but after i got better i realized it was the perfect day for drilling holes in garbage cans (compost pile!) and learning to belly dance.

(song: “ice cube,” clem snide)

‘cos there’s no sure footing

look what i did!

the snow gods have heard my call for Sunday Snow Day and have allowed me not to have to go to work!
if only i could get the i-don’t-want-to-do-my-reading gods to listen.

(song: “outro (with bees),” neko case)

a nightmare that i could not stand to see

i remembered an exciting thing to tell, though i am not sure if it is the exciting thing i was trying to remember last week:
i am going to hawaii for a week over winter break.
then i am coming back and then going to reno and then coming back from that and sleeping for a while.

(song: [...]

send her off to a coconut island

this morning i walked a different way to school, and it seems i stumbled on the secret path of the fast walkers. when walking alone, i walk faster than ‘most everyone else around, especially crowds, so i am always weaving and passing and getting frustrated. but this morning there were about ten people all walking [...]

just like you said it would be

this morning john and i saw a tiny fuzzy kitten in the window of the bookstore. we were looking at the original edition, out-of-print philip k. dick novels, and then suddenly there was a little black and white kitten sitting on one of them, kneading it and looking at us and mewing. we were torn [...]