Kureyon stripe!

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Kureyon stripe!, originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

I am totally obsessed with this scarf and so I picked up some Noro Kureyon today. It calls for Silk Garden but it was enough cheaper for the Kureyon [...]

words dry up and fly away

i just got in a random bad mood, but have been planning to post for days, so i will break the no-posting-when-grumpy rule for today, because there is much news to share!
that’s a joke.
eugene never changes. shelby is a little farther away, and so is andi, but other than that, pretty much everyone that was [...]

my mind is on the blink

yeah, so i’m a liar. didn’t post last week. sorry. i know i disappointed my fans. (pffffffffft.) (that’s me scoffing at the idea of having fans.)
but, it’s not my fault. there was nothing to talk about. went to rennie’s with heath, who lent me some new cds, since no one else heeded my call for [...]