Waiting for something to happen

“The aggressively kinked noodles form an aesthetically pleasing nest in cup or bowl, but when slurped, their sharp bends spray droplets of broth that settle uncomfortably about the lips and leave dots on your computer screen.” Thanks, Mr. Noodle.

Lately I have been reading way too much Mimi Smartypants again, starting from the beginning and working [...]

Burlap dress a-clingin’

Home! Home has dogs in it, and also Firefox (a pox on you, internet cafes!) and my lovely comfy bed. Spain, on the other hand, has removeable adjustable showerheads and bidets (everywhere we stayed, both apartments and hotels!). Home has shiny new silverware that came in the mail, and a new vacuum, and I feel [...]

Pour éclairer tes yeux de rêve

Dogs are snoring, and so is G. I am up late (but not that late) because Ten Things I Hate About You is on, and because I had a cup of coffee at about 3:30, and because my Friday night bourbon is accompanying me. (Julia Stiles has amazing hair in this movie.) I have an [...]

You plant your seeds and you let ‘em grow

Two weeks ago, I made G. drive me out to Molbak’s, of which I had only heard legends and rumors, and I found them all to be true: it is a Wonderful Place. Fortunately, I had spent all my evenings over the last week or so pulling up weeds in the raised bed in our [...]

I was thinking about the easy courage

Spring seems to have arrived in Seattle while we were in Reno last weekend, and it’s made me realize it’s almost a year since we moved into this house. It’s been sunny and warmish and gorgeous, with blooming tulips and lilacs and green growing things, and the light has been coming into the house at [...]

Ten miles above the limit, and with no seatbelt

I didn’t have a chance to get new shoes this time because everything happened so quickly. I applied last Wednesday for a job that was posted the day before; I had a phone interview last Thursday and in-person interviews on Tuesday, and yesterday I was offered the job despite the lack of new Target shoes. [...]

She’d had no idea

Oh good, it’s still here!
Several smallish stories piled up over the last … month.
Mentally composed on Monday, September 19: I am cranky because last night I organized my life: figured out hours at my new job (which is the same as my old job), blocked out homework time during every day so I can try [...]

Just never knew that I would

I am having a fight with this blog right now because I cannot figure out what to do to make comments work. I am sure that it’s something very small, and I think it has to do with passing parameters, but I can’t find exactly what it is. It’s making me very frustrated and cranky [...]

Got a message in my head

I am irritable today because it is too hot and it is making my head hurt. Also I can’t make the CSS play nice on a project I’m working on. And the e-Reserves are down so I can’t get to the readings I need to do for Monday. Also I’m hungry but I have to [...]

I’m in the same place that you left me

O, the writers’ block! truly it will be the death of me!

Yea verily!

There’s a paper due at midnight — well, at 11:59pm. I emailed the last one in at 11:54 and was proud of myself for being early. I don’t know if this one will make it by the witching hour, though. If I knew [...]