I don’t know any Basque songs, so pretend this is just a bunch of Xs and Ks.

Home sick yesterday and today, boo. The dogs like to have someone around, though, and it’s nice to catch up on sleep, lack of which probably contributed to the cold in the first places. Thank dirt for honey and ginger and lemon in hot water. And thank the Basques for my new super-easy favorite sick [...]

She’d had no idea

Oh good, it’s still here!
Several smallish stories piled up over the last … month.
Mentally composed on Monday, September 19: I am cranky because last night I organized my life: figured out hours at my new job (which is the same as my old job), blocked out homework time during every day so I can try [...]

from the passenger seat as you are driving me home

i am skipping work today to sit at home in my pajamas, sniffling miserably and impatiently waiting four hours so i can take the next dose of cough syrup. i could be using this opportunity to clean my room, take out the garbage, start piling things up to go to goodwill … yep, i [...]

if it doesn’t leave my stomach, it’ll split my head

things i had not done on saturday morning that i had done by sunday morning: a short list.
1. seen the proclaimers.
2. thrown up out a car window.
yeah, i don’t know what i was thinking. but it’s a good thing the proclaimers have written a song about drinking too much and throwing up, ‘cos otherwise i [...]