Up too late

… so I am reading and sharing ILU-486, a heartbreaking, scarily potentially-realistic, Handmaid’s Tale-like dystopian fiction about a world that exists after the passing of some current and real (i.e. non-fictional) legislation that might have a very, very significant effect on reproductive rights and health, which is to say, basic women’s health care. Every part [...]

Work it on out

What I had for dinner on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I had AWESOME for dinner.

We went to see our new favorite band, Alabama Shakes. My old boss and his girlfriend met up with us at Pintxo across the street from the Croc, where the show was.

We had a bunch of little things, including roasted cauliflower with tiny roasted tomatoes (and garlic); tiny toasts [...]

November fail

Well, that didn’t last long. Now that much of my time has been freed up, I might try to catch up with the Month of Undiscovered Music, or I might scrap it and start over again in December.

I wonder why last year’s worked better? I guess the music actually takes longer than the photos. [...]

“Blindsided,” by Bon Iver (MUM Day 9)

How did I get so many days behind? Oh right — I had to process 150 chickens last weekend.

“Blindsided,” by Bon Iver, from For Emma, Forever Ago, 2007.

I begged this album off Katie after I became obsessed with the Fleet Foxes and started hearing a lot of people comparing the two. I don’t like [...]

“No One Knows My Name,” by Gillian Welch (MUM Day 8)

“No One Knows My Name,” by Gillian Welch, from Soul Journey, 2003.

One thing I am finding interesting about this is discovering the albums I don’t listen to, by artists I do listen to. Like this Gillian Welch song. I listen to Time (The Revelator) all the time, and Hell Among the Yearlings sometimes, but although [...]

“Viðrar vel til loftárása,” by Sigur Rós (MUM Day 7)

“Viðrar vel til loftárása,” Sigur Rós, from Ágætis Byrjun, 1999.

Facts! This song is ten minutes long (probably why I never listened to it). Also, the singer is a dude. Apparently the thing that is not a pedal steel is a guitar played with a cello bow, which is cool. And “The band named the [...]

“Affection,” by Zap Mama

“Affection,” by Zap Mama, from Supermoon, 2007.

Zap Mama is a Belgian group that I saw at my very first concert ever, actually a two-day music festival, in Belgium in 1997. It was overwhelming and crazy and muddy, and I don’t remember much of it (though not for any fun reason). I remember that Zap Mama [...]

“Cherry,” by Ratatat (MUM Day 5)

(Yesterday’s song — we had no power last night so there was no listening and no blogging either.)

“Cherry” by Ratatat, from Ratatat, 2004.

This is instrumental! I don’t know what to say about it! There are no lyrics to talk about!

I got this from eMusic on the recommendation of a coworker, and then I [...]

“The Letter,” Eva Cassidy (MUM Day 4)

“The Letter,” by Eva Cassidy, from Time After Time, released 2000.

Eva Cassidy’s story is somewhat interesting and sad. She mostly did live performances, I think, in the DC area, and was super shy about it. After her death of melanoma in 1996, her few albums didn’t get much recognition until 2000, when someone one [...]