“Love Shack,” by The Knitters (MUM Day 3)

“Love Shack,” by The Knitters, from Poor Little Critter On The Road, 1985.

Listen on this page (need to allow popups and Flash).

Poor Little Critter On The Road was one of the first albums of the genre that is now alt-country. Interestingly — to me at least — the members are also most of [...]

“Presidents and Magistrates,” by Sufjan Stevens (MUM Day 2)

“Presidents and Magistrates,” by Sufjan Stevens, from Michigan (Outtakes), 2003.

Originally released as a few free demo-ish mp3s on his website, which is when I got them. I have the vague idea that it was prompted by John Allison, but I can’t verify that.

General notes: what the hell was I thinking, not listening to [...]

“Wrath of my Madness,” Queen Latifah (MUM Day 1)

“Wrath of my Madness,” by Queen Latifah, from her first album, All Hail the Queen, 1989. Apparently this song was the single.

Previous play count: 0. *

Purchased by me at some point at least two years ago, in one of my MUST ACQUIRE NEW GENRES phases, or possibly on an evening of bourbon and that [...]

My Smart Playlist is full of lies (MUM Day 1)

I set up an iTunes smart playlist on my iPod to include everything with a play count of less than 4 (since it can’t do equal or less than). I was all ready to go, OK let’s play a song! And I opened up the playlist and it was FULL of Beatles songs. Like, all [...]