Ehhhh! Ohh.

Guess not

Yeah, November’s a wash. We’ll see if I pick the songs back up again in December. Or maybe I’ll work on photography with my new (used, gifted) camera, a Nikon D70!

So here’s an alternate something for you to read instead of me blathering about songs I’ve never listened to: Yes, You Are, by Sars [...]

Because it's awesome

Alone time

I was supposed to go camping today with G. and some other friends, but last night Ruby came in from the woods all limpy and whiny about it. This morning it wasn’t any better, and was actually worse, so we went to the vet. All muscles and joints seemed fine yet she was clearly hurty [...]

Kill the stars, shreds and shards

Weekend of great yuppiedom: Took a small vacation out to Vashon Island this weekend. G. didn’t know where we were going until we started following the signs to the Vashon ferry, as I had planned everything, which really just involved getting us a little cottage and printing out the directions to the lighthouse, and remembering [...]

Pour éclairer tes yeux de rêve

Dogs are snoring, and so is G. I am up late (but not that late) because Ten Things I Hate About You is on, and because I had a cup of coffee at about 3:30, and because my Friday night bourbon is accompanying me. (Julia Stiles has amazing hair in this movie.) I have an [...]

Got Jesus in my pocket

I think my toe might be broken. But I have an awesome garden, and the room has finally stopped rocking back and forth now that I’m off the boat after the long weekend. I have to upload a bunch of pictures and then I’ll post for reals.

(song: “Firetrap,” the Walkabouts)

Make you so blue you become mean

I can’t believe I ever wondered why I was swearing so much. We just bought the 2nd season of Deadwood and now I remember.


(Song: “Mother-ucker,” BBJ)

If I’d been out till quarter to three

I have posted at Knitblog and at Kitchenisms. But not here.

Except now I have posted here.

(Song: “When I’m 64,” the Beatles)

His bowtie is really a camera

I woke up early this morning — 5:30 — too excited to sleep. Not going to post about the exciting thing for a few more days, when it’s for sure. But staying in bed was boring and I have been regretting the loss of time to sit around and do nothing in the mornings, so [...]