Book binge

Here is what I have checked out from the library right now (in the order in which they are due):

Cooking by Hand, by Paul Bertolli — for G.
Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind, by Gene Logsdon
Your Money: The Missing Manual, by MeFi’s own J.D. Roth
Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H.P. Lovecraft — [...]

What I learned on Friday, November 12, 2010

Today I learned that I had FOUR books on hold at the library! I thought I had just two, but the other two came in between the time I checked my account online this morning, and the time I got there this evening at 5:30.

Now I am reading Faithful Place, by Tana French. It [...]

Non-fiction books that I have started but will not be finishing at this time

I do intend to put these back on my list at the library and finish them someday.

The stuff of thought : language as a window into human nature / by Pinker, Steven, 1954-
Interesting, but for some reason I cannot pay attention for more than a couple of pages at a time.
The death and life [...]

January 2008 books recap.

Books I read in January 2008!

Dies the Fire: A Novel of the Change, by S. M. Stirling
At the recommendation of John Glover, I believe. Apocalypse in Oregon! Pagans! Survivalism! Farming! Hooray! The writing kind of bugged me, but along with Parable of the Sower & Parable of the Talents (both by Octavia E. Butler and [...]

Sunday 01/13 listy roundup

(I think if I’m really going to blog more, I’m going to have to get over using song quotes for everything; it gets hard to think of things.)

watching: Season 3 of Deadwood, FINALLY
reading: homework for class; Visual Design for the Modern Web; The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language
eating: vat of lentils [...]

In a disco radical trans-global

How to get a complete collection of books you have always wanted but couldn’t afford to buy (i.e. Sandman): buy the first one and force your boyfriend to read it. Then he will love it and buy all the rest of the series for you!

(song: “Dogs Were Barking,” Gogol Bordello)

She’d had no idea

Oh good, it’s still here!
Several smallish stories piled up over the last … month.
Mentally composed on Monday, September 19: I am cranky because last night I organized my life: figured out hours at my new job (which is the same as my old job), blocked out homework time during every day so I can try [...]

Snaking its way through the memory of

I don’t know why it always surprises me that I am most likely to run into folks I know when I’m at the library on campus …
I’ve been sad because of a lack of being on campus and randomly running into people — it’s weird that I got so used to being able to do [...]

a sea of pens and feathers

so i’m sitting at my desk in my office, in front of my computer with my book (discovery and decision: exploring the metaphysics and epistemology of scientific classification, by rebecca bryant), and i’m trying to finish my reading for class at 1:30. i just checked my email so i still had my hand on the [...]

sing a lazy song

so i’m reading the polar bear book aka information architecture for the world wide web. i got it used from amazon for fifty cents. the price of saving that much money is that i have to read stupid yellow-highlighter-and-red-pen comments such as the following:
on “if a site’s content and functionality don’t merit launching, then why [...]