from where you think you’ll end up

i had a very pleasant weekend of playing homemaker/subsistence farmer. friday and saturday i started cutting and pinning for my pal skip’s curtains, but i didn’t do much else. yesterday, though, i made crock-pot apple butter (crock pots are fun! you just leave it overnight!), bread that did not actuallly rise and so did not [...]

eager to fly now

more normal tourist things: drove around the island and went to the blowhole, where a lava tube at or below water level has a hole in the top of it too, so waves that come inside it at the right angle, or something, come out the hole in the middle of the rock and it [...]

of everything i am and of some things i am not

hey, look, i have a blog! i wonder what i should do with it? maybe post?
moving to seattle has been accomplished with a minimum of misery. the worst part was loading the u-haul all by myself in the middle of the afternoon. everyone was very helpful so between all five of us it only took [...]

too aware of the pending

oh, now i remember why i was hesitant at first to live with my mom next year. it’s because after about three hours i wanted to walk in front of a bus. she whacked my leg, and i asked why she had done that, and she told me to rephrase the question because i was [...]