Loren “Hot Sauce” Huggins’ last Seattle show with Chuckanut Drive (Day 14)

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Loren "Hot Sauce" Huggins’ last Seattle show with Chuckanut Drive (Day 14), originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

Loren is leaving the band to be a respectable grown-up, or whatever. I’ll miss him in the band.

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Am lame, but still here

I have been busy trying to get going with farm blog, and even more so, of course, with chores and work, and so neglecting this blog (again). But I have just started a new knitting project so I will be keeping notes on it here!

I have long meant to make the Ribby Cardi — it’s [...]

I wished all wintertime

Today it was sunny and beautiful, which I found pleasant even though it also meant it was cold. Had a nice day of outside-ness: Pike Place Market in the morning to get bread for dinner tonight and all kinds of veggies for Girls’ Night In on Wednesday. Then came home and suited up the dogs [...]

There’s glass in my thermos and blood on my jeans

A few weeks ago, several of my favorite bands ever came out with new albums. So, mini reviews!

Neko Case, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
This album reminds me a lot of Blacklisted, which I absolutely adore. I have listened to almost* nothing but Fox Confessor for the past week. My favorites are “Margaret vs. Pauline” (track [...]

Just never knew that I would

I am having a fight with this blog right now because I cannot figure out what to do to make comments work. I am sure that it’s something very small, and I think it has to do with passing parameters, but I can’t find exactly what it is. It’s making me very frustrated and cranky [...]

what do you know, it felt good

i observed may day eve with only half as much debauchery as it deserves; there was drinking and loud music and dancing (well, head-bobbing) but no sex in the fields and no fires. which is best, considering.
i ended up selling out bobby‘s tshirts, except the one small men’s that was left, which he gave me [...]

this is the room one afternoon

when i was a kid i wanted to grow up to be an artist. i made my parents get me watercolors and palettes and pastels and nice paper; i dressed up as an artist for future career day during spirit week in 8th grade. i don’t even know what that means — i think i [...]

and it symbolizes something although you don’t know what it is

maybe the reason i’ve been in a bad mood lately is that i haven’t been listening to enough old 97s.

(song: “indefinitely,” old 97s)

tongue can get sharp

a list of mostly unrelated things.

i seem to have entered one of shannon’s peanut butter phases. i have never had peanut butter phases before – in fact, most of my food phases are brought on by finances, like the beans-and-rice phase or the ramen phase – but the other morning i was dreaming about peanut [...]

something in a shade of grey

it is a hot chocolate and august & everything after sort of day. i wish i could be home on the couch in pajamas watching the food network but alas, i am stuck on campus for work and class until 7:30.

i like to watch people on the bus and see what they are reading or [...]