my name’s stewart ransom miller – i’m a serial lady killer

ok, so i take it back, bobby. sorry. but there is only rhett. i hope you are not too sad.

he played songs i wanted to hear and didn’t expect, like “buick city complex,” and the usual (“rollerskate skinny,” “west texas teardrops” [with john rauhouse = awesome], “come around” and “our love” acoustic, “designs on you”) [...]

just to see how it will end?

tomorrow i am going to try out for jeopardy. the way the tryouts work is that first there’s a written test, which is what i am taking tomorrow, and then if you pass that, you go on (later, i think) to a mock show tryout, and then if you pass that, you go on a [...]

in the day, i am dreaming

i have always hated the idea of ‘retail therapy’ – i think it encourages women to self-medicate with consumerism. every time, though, i go buy new clothes or yarn or something. maybe it’s that it gives me something else to think about; maybe i’m just doing it right now because i suddenly can. in any [...]

words dry up and fly away

i just got in a random bad mood, but have been planning to post for days, so i will break the no-posting-when-grumpy rule for today, because there is much news to share!
that’s a joke.
eugene never changes. shelby is a little farther away, and so is andi, but other than that, pretty much everyone that was [...]