red wine is fast at the lip of your glass, and i’m gonna ruin …

i get to build a controlled vocabulary about fashion design. it’s very exciting. no, really. it is.
snow day was good but monday was stupid again.

(song: “outro (with bees),” neko case. sorry for using the same song twice. it is just the right song to use right now.)

if you don’t know where you are, you might be lost

in direct opposition to ‘most everyone else ever, as far as i can tell, i am pleased that it appears to have decided not to snow, at least today. on the other hand, i was kind of excited about the idea of a snow day, so i’m declaring sunday to be Snow Day even if [...]

but i won’t even look

it’s winter again. it’s cold and blowy and grey and last night it smelled like winter. but it was clear the night of the eclipse, which was so neat.
i am indignant and offended because of two things:
my databases professor asked me in class (as an example for the discussion about browsers and servers and whatnot) [...]

all so very dangerous; i can’t stay away

it turns out the tall boots i bought on sunday afternoon were not an unjustified indulgence, but rather a preemptive celebration: i have gotten a job! yes, i did already have a job, but now i have a better job! i liked my job at special collections, and of course i loved working there, but [...]

problems with easy solutions

i love library school because here, “i want to finish my book” is a valid excuse for not going out to the bar.

(song: “the new year,” death cab for cutie)

but the moment passes as the sun moves on

this is the weekend of feeling relieved.
i finished this term’s last (awful) paper on friday night at about 10:30. the feeling after finishing a term is always unfamiliar to me. i can wake up in the morning and lie in bed, or i can get up and do the dishes, or i can sit on [...]

a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo

i guess it’s ok that no one was around to email me last week, because i actually got some things done. i just turned in an assignment two days early! this never happens to me. it was a really easy assignment, but still. now i only have to research, start, and finish a ten-page paper [...]

everything sticks like a broken record

i am more disturbed than i expected to be by the announcement that the infamous aikido brian ex-boyfriend (pictured here drinking a white russian out of a jar at arlie & robin’s, and not to be confused with roommate bryon) is moving back to eugene. i was already pretty sure this town was too small [...]

once upon a pair of wheels

i have been alternating between total confidence in my ability to my fieldwork goals and sheer panic about it – i am only at H! there is no way i can finish the whole survey by the end of next week!! really, as is common for me, i think i need to stick to [...]

drifts to sleep with a moan and a weep

it has become clear to me that i am no longer actually interested in this term.
i have a paper due at 9:30 tomorrow morning. clearly, the right thing for me to do this afternoon, then, was to go have some beers with cataloging class. on the way home i picked up my package at the [...]