But it’s just a ferryboat

In Madison, the water tastes funny, and going outside is like walking into a teensy bathroom with no windows or fans where someone has just used up all the hot water. (I would’ve said it was like a sauna, but everyone says that, and plus I’ve never been in a sauna so I don’t know [...]

eager to fly now

more normal tourist things: drove around the island and went to the blowhole, where a lava tube at or below water level has a hole in the top of it too, so waves that come inside it at the right angle, or something, come out the hole in the middle of the rock and it [...]

the wrinkled hand of fate

the first disorienting thing i noticed about being in honolulu was the birds. there were no pigeons at the airport – there were only these doves everywhere. i have since seen maybe ten pigeons, but at least as many of the doves as there would be pigeons in seattle. other birds i haven’t seen yet [...]

a nightmare that i could not stand to see

i remembered an exciting thing to tell, though i am not sure if it is the exciting thing i was trying to remember last week:
i am going to hawaii for a week over winter break.
then i am coming back and then going to reno and then coming back from that and sleeping for a while.

(song: [...]

you’re trapped in your head humming a tune to yourself

i had an exciting run in the forest this weekend. shelby‘s eric’s family has a cabin at wauna lake, near stevenson, washington. it’s a hidden lake – to get there, you turn into what looks like a driveway with a locked gate, but when you go through the gate you go up a hill for [...]