Back in the kitchen

We just wrapped up selling our previous house, which was somewhat of an ordeal. We never listed it — the offer was unsolicited — so we didn’t ever go through the push to get it cleaned up and ready to sell. That push happened over the last couple of weeks; the sale closed on the [...]

Oh noes Max cat

Our poor little Max cat got a little smushed by a car on Thursday night. His pelvis is broken, which is not great.

The Friday morning vet said we were looking at $3500+ of surgery to realign and pin everything. Or, if we choose not to do surgery, but instead let it heal naturally, the [...]

Ruby was bored

So she joined Facebook. She will approve your friend request!

Lost things that have been announced over the loudspeaker on the ferry this morning

Glasses, left in the men’s restroom.
An iPhone
A rosary, left in “the library.”

Says the guy across the table from me, “that’s two communication devices lost today!”


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Lunch, originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

BI oysters with mignonette made from local Red Dog Farm shallots; Salumi salami and mole salami, homegrown goat cheddar, storebought manchego, and two Mt. Townsend cheeses; homemade crackers; homemade goat [...]

Green garlic kimchi

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Green garlic kimchi, originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

After this recipe for ramp greens kimchi, except with homegrown green garlic. The peppers (paprika and cayenne) were also last year’s homegrown. Ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil [...]


What I had for dinner on Monday, January 9, 2012

Apparently I post once a week now.

On Monday we had intended to have carnitas according to Matthew Amster-Burton’s Spilled Milk recipe. But G. had a lot of chores and he didn’t get it on in time. His backup plan was beans with the same seasonings, and when I got home I got inspired to [...]

What I had for dinner on Monday, December 19, 2011

Yet another super-plan-ahead meal of pasta with tomato sauce, prepared mostly in September.

What I learned on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I have been reading about it forever, but I finally tried the “no ‘poo” baking soda and vinegar hair wash thingy. I followed this basic recipe (FYI that site crashed my Firefox for some reason, and really slowed down Chrome, and was OK but slow in Safari). So far — 9 hours in — I [...]