The world is treatin’ me bad

So it turns out that working has definitely decreased my quality of life. I’m actually getting less sleep than I did in school; I wake up too early and get home from work too late to get anything done. At any given point during the day, I feel like I could fall asleep within two [...]

There’s an awful lot of stars out here

Scraped up my elbow this morning falling off the couch trying to get to the radio: Click & Clack were playing the Old 97s. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them on the radio (possibly because I don’t listen to KEXP as often as I should) so it was very exciting. And now my elbow [...]

Ten miles above the limit, and with no seatbelt

I didn’t have a chance to get new shoes this time because everything happened so quickly. I applied last Wednesday for a job that was posted the day before; I had a phone interview last Thursday and in-person interviews on Tuesday, and yesterday I was offered the job despite the lack of new Target shoes. [...]

Test post 2

I am working on making it display the metadata I want.

Soon I will import from MT. (Thanks Bill!)

i’m going down to the station

so the interview turned to be not so much an interview but more like a test to make sure i wasn’t a stupid person, because they’ve been planning on hiring me since they had two applicants for two positions.
turns out i’m not stupid and now i have a summer internship in the field i want [...]

me and this girl, we’ve been working it out

this week, the student chapter of the american society for information science and technology is putting on icareer week, with a bunch of panels and things. this morning i went to the taxonomy panel and it was fabulous. i surprise myself sometimes: sitting there listening to these people who build taxonomies and manage projects and [...]

all so very dangerous; i can’t stay away

it turns out the tall boots i bought on sunday afternoon were not an unjustified indulgence, but rather a preemptive celebration: i have gotten a job! yes, i did already have a job, but now i have a better job! i liked my job at special collections, and of course i loved working there, but [...]

a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo

i guess it’s ok that no one was around to email me last week, because i actually got some things done. i just turned in an assignment two days early! this never happens to me. it was a really easy assignment, but still. now i only have to research, start, and finish a ten-page paper [...]

restlessness has seized me now

i really want to redesign. i was going to do some work on it before i left seattle since the ischool has some tablet pcs for checkout, and i could draw fun things. i forgot to, though, so now i have to wait until i get back to seattle. maybe. or get used to drawing [...]

once upon a pair of wheels

i have been alternating between total confidence in my ability to my fieldwork goals and sheer panic about it – i am only at H! there is no way i can finish the whole survey by the end of next week!! really, as is common for me, i think i need to stick to [...]